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Oops, my frank green has a leak

There are a couple of potential causes of the leaks, thankfully we should be able to work with you to resolve these issues.

  • First, double check that the liquid isn't filled over the max fill line
  • After pouring hot liquid into your cup, keep your lid off for a moment to allow the steam to escape before screwing on tightly. In some instances, the pressure of steam can cause liquid to rise up and over the lid of the base, which can cause leakage.
  • Another alternative is that something may have come loose in the lid, in which case a lid reassembly can often help to fix. We have a video showing how to do so at the link below, we’d suggest making sure the ring and cog are properly clicked into place.

If this reassembly doesn't assist and you're still seeing your frank green leaking, just record a short video of the leak and click on the support button below to send it through to us for investigation.

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