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What are your product dimensions?

All of our cups and bottles are the same diameter (except for the 34oz / 1L bottle) and designed to fit in a standard size cup holder for a car or bike!


 Height (cm)Diameter (cm)Net Weight (g)
6oz Ceramic9.97.5187
8oz Original + Next Gen10.57.5152
10oz Ceramic13.57.5227
8oz Original + Next Gen13.57.5172
16oz Ceramic19.57.5287
20oz Ceramic22.57.5322
25oz Original + Next Gen22.57.5175
34oz Ceramic22.59.5450
Push Button Lid4.07.5 
16oz Straw13.00.7 
20/34oz Straw17.00.7 
25oz Straw18.20.7 
12oz Original + Next Gen 15.2 7.5 

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